Personal Loan

Be it a dream wedding or renovating your home, we understand your needs and offer you the opportunity to make life picture perfect with CBMGARH Bank Bank Personal Loan.


  • Personal loans are an ideal choice for those who need funds urgently. It is recommended to opt for a personal loan overusing credit cards. The latter have strict credit limits, whereas, in the former, you can choose your exact personal loan amount. Also, not all suppliers or vendors accept credit cards, whereas, you can use the funds from your personal loan to pay someone via cheque, bank transfer or cash.
  • Additionally, you need to pay your credit card bill by the due date, but you can repay a personal loan over a period of time with pre-determined EMIs.
  • Personal loan benefits include the flexibility it offers regarding the use. You can use funds from a personal loan for several purposes. Thus, you can pay for your home renovation, higher education, travel, wedding and medical expenses with a personal loan.
  • Among other personal loan benefits is the loan amount you can borrow. For instance, in metro and urban areas, personal loan amounts can be up to Rs.10 lakh, while in semi-urban and rural areas, the maximum personal loan amount is Rs.5 lakh.