Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit refers to the investments of a lump sum amount of money for a fixed period. The interest is high compared to the other schemes. The period can be from 30 days to 120 months. On maturity, the depositor receives a lump sum amount of principal + interest. This is a very good option for anyone.

You can opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly interest payments, automatic credit of interest to your account etc.

The customer can avail Secured Loan or Secured OD from the deposited amount (maximum of 85% of the deposited amount) in emergencies.

Following are the salient features of FD scheme in MCCB:

MCCB Fixed Deposits

·         Minimum amount Rs.100/-

·         Monthly / quarterly / yearly interest payments

·         Advance up to 85%

·         Period – Minimum 30 days and maximum 120 months