Green PIN Service

In a move towards green initiative and better customer service, MCCB Bank ATM has introduced instant New ATM PIN generation option whereby cardholder can generate the debit card PIN by using any MCCB Bank ATM. It is easy and convenient.

Follow simple steps given below to generate Debit Card PIN using any MCCB Bank ATM Machines & MICRO ATM Devices:

  1. Insert your Debit Card at any MCCB BANK ATM & MICRO ATM Machines and select “Green PIN Generatation ” option on the screen.
  2. On next screens, you will be prompted to enter OTP as received in your registered mobile number.
  3. On successful entry of the above details, you will be prompted to set desired Debit Card PIN on the next screen. Once successfully set, your Debit Card is ready for use.


  • To set/Re-set your Debit Card PIN at MCCB BANK ATM, your mobile number must be registered with the Bank. Please contact your MCCB BANK branch for registering mobile number if not registered already.
  • In case, you are not able to generate Debit Card PIN, please contact to your Home branch, Customer care or CMS Portal.