Positive Pay System – Key Features

  1. Positive Pay is a process of validating/confirming the key details of cheques to deter Cheque frauds (applicable on high value cheques amounting Rs 50000/- and above). Please refer to the RBI’s circular number RBI/2020- 1/41/DPSS.CO.RPPD.No.309/04.07.2005/2020-21, issued on September 25th , 2020
  2. Customers are requested to submit in advance the key details of cheques issued to the beneficiaries so that Bank can pass cheque in CTS clearing without contacting the customers. In case of any mismatch Bank can reject the cheque or take suitable action to prevent wrong payment or fraud.
  3. The Positive Pay facility in our Bank is available free of cost.
  4. Key details of Cheque to be submitted as below:

((((PHOTO CHQ))))

  1. Customer can avail this facility through any of the following channel.
    • PPS Portal (Click Here)
    • Through App (Click Here)
    • Branch Visit (Download Form)

PPS Portal (Website):


Through App:


Branch Visit:

Customer can also visit branch and submit their consent for Positive Pay (one-time activity) and submit cheque details as and when they issue cheque to beneficiary.

  1. General instructions:
    • The positive pay is currently applicable to cheque value of Rs. 50000/- and above
    • W.e.f 01.09.2022, submitting positive pay details in case cheque value 500000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs) and above will be mandatory.
    • There is no option for Modify/Delete confirmation in any mode as modification cannot be done once the data is submitted to NPCI.
    • Cheque in will be honoured if provided details matched with the actual cheque presented in the clearing and if otherwise is in order viz. sufficient funds, Signature match etc.
    • Confirmations through all/any mode submitted/verified up to 06.00 PM (daily) will only be forwarded to NPCI for next clearing session. Afterwards, all the confirmations will be processed for subsequent clearing session.
    • Only cheques with status as unused/already confirmed/passed will be validated
    • Customer shall submit Positive pay confirmations through any one mode for the particular cheque.
    • Stale cheques (3 months older from date of confirmation) will not be accepted. Any future date of the cheque will be accepted.

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